About us

Adventure begins where the road ends

Traveling is a passion for each member of our family and we decided to share our stories, experiences, photographs, and observations with our readers.

In our blog, you will find stories from our big trip around Australia, useful travel guides, and cooking recipes that were tested many times, often in the Australian bush, but not only.

About us

Kasha – web developer and automation specialist by day, but traveller by heart. She loves the Australian outback, people, and culture but most of all discovering of new places and gaining new travel experiences.

Marius – blogger, programmer, business intelligence specialist, chess and soccer fanatic, and by most outback lover and 4WD passionate.

Nell – our cheeky daughter and sense of our life.

Kasha, Marius and Nell at Upper Gorge Lookout - this place is really amazing

Capri – our newest and dearest family member. She is a border collie with a whippet rescue dog. She is super energetic, loves running for a ball and going camping.

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