Agnes Creek – our first awesome free camping

Crossing NT border

Agnes Creek – First Free Camping

After a busy four days in Coober Pedy, we headed north to see the Red Centre. As the distance to Alice Springs was still 690 km we stopped at a free camping ground at Agnes Creek. 

Agnes Creek is a huge free campground on Stuart Highway with a lot of “dirt” available for camping. It is located 320 km from Coober Pedy and 370 km from Alice Springs. Desert nights can be really cold, so making a fire is a must. The only thing in Agnes Creek was that because it is a busy stop for camping no firewood is available. The best thing is to get to the car and drive a kilometre north or south to get the firewood.

Agnes Creek was obviously dried out. We were thinking how safe it is to stay in places like this but there were other people as well so we did not feel alone. Marius could even have a bowls game with an elderly man at the next caravan.

The first time during this trip we experienced a fantastic feeling of freedom, and also my appreciation for the beautiful surrounding nature grew rapidly. And add to it nice and talkative people and the possibility of a smoky campfire in the evening. The nights in remote areas, where stars are touching the top of your head, are priceless. 

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Once we started the fire, all the memories from the past came to our mind and we could talk endlessly. The only limit was the firewood that Marius gained on the other side of the Stuart Highway after we came here. Nell was so thrilled as well. We could not stop her from adding more wooden sticks to the fire. She will remember this night for sure.

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When free-camping in busy campgrounds gather firewood before arriving

The campfire was very pleasant and spiced with mulled wine. Dingos came at night to check for any dinner leftovers, fortunately, we left none.

Agnes Creek free camping
Agnes Creek free camping

We camped a short distance from Stuart Highway, and we could see the road trains speed by, illuminated so that they themselves look like nebulae of stars. Add to it the intense red colour of the Australian sun right before sunset. I never experienced it in the city.

During the night, Nell woke up and made a fuss and screamed: 

Daddy – don’t snore, because Nell can’t sleep!

Unfortunately, this dramatic call worked only for a short period of time. However, this child has a good memory, and in the morning she made a scene demanding that dad should definitely stop snoring.

We didn’t need to rush in the morning, and we indulged in a leisurely eaten breakfast. We had only a 370 km distance to get to Alice Springs and our camping place was already pre-booked. During our breakfast, we were accompanied by a hawk sitting on a neighbouring tree and looking at us with curiosity.

In summary, we really enjoyed our first free camping on Stuart Highway at Agnes Creek.

Here you can get all the important tips about how to prepare for camping in Australia.

Travel Spiced Life

When free camp – try to talk to other campers, get them to know you. This will also give you an opportunity to meet amazing people! 

Careful – House on the road

Our trip started in an ‘interesting’ way. We packed everything and drove back to Stuart Highway. Then we saw a car from a distance with a sign “Oversized car”. The car passed us quickly and because we didn’t see anything else approaching, we turned slowly to Stuart Hwy. In a minute or two we noticed a big house (!) right behind us. Ten seconds later we heard on the UHF radio: 

He is not a smart cookie… 

You know, for some people “oversize” does not mean anything…

Stuart Highway - House on the road
Stuart Highway – House on the road – in Australia it is normal to buy a house and move it somewhere else

A house was transported on a huge truck and was taking both lines of the road…. After the reprimand, we politely pulled over to the side of the road allowing the moving house to take place in front of us. Then we followed this shack all the way to the state border.

Crossing Northern Territory border

On the South Australia – Northern Territory border no one made any fuss and we carried across some apples without the stress that we should eat them promptly. Not to mention any potatoes or onions – we ate them last night, just in case…

Roadhouse - Dog Concert
Stopping at the Roadhouse for lunch

We stopped once at the roadhouse halfway to Alice to get some lunch. What I saw there made me speechless. Roadhouse had a small restaurant at the back. I wanted to buy our favourite meat pies.

meat pie on the road
Getting delicious meat pie on the road

I went in and I stopped in my tracks – a full room of people and everyone completely idle listening to the concert. Nothing unusual, right?

Let me add another important piece of information. It was a dog concert on the old piano, yes – Dog. The human was sitting in front of the piano playing “something” using one finger and the dog was howling… and howling … and … howling. Do you get the picture? Good. 

Summarising – outback people know how to have fun.

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