Australian Buffalo – unwanted resident of Northern Territory

Australian Buffalo we spotted on the way to Koolpin Gorge

Australian buffalo were imported into Australia in the 19th century. They were used as working animals and sources of meat for the remote northern outposts. Life was difficult and lots of these places were abandoned. When that happened the Australian buffalo were released and became feral.

The feral Australian buffalo has been a major environmental disaster in the wetlands of the top end of the Northern Territory. They eat lots of grasses and other plants, by doing it they removing this food source for native wildlife.

Those heavy animals caused soil erosion and increased the amount of saltwater rushing into freshwater systems. Crocodiles, barramundi, freshwater turtles and other native species numbers declined. Many water birds, including magpie geese, lost their habitat.

Where spotted: Koolpin Gorge, Kakadu National Park NT

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