Best Camping Generators in Australia – The Ultimate Guide

Best Camping Generators in Australia

Camping generators are a great extension of your camping equipment. They are especially useful for anyone having a camping trailer or caravan as these have many electronic devices. If you travel only with your 4WD you can use the generator to charge your car batteries, computer equipment, or even a portable heater.

What are the best camping generators in Australia? Read our ultimate guide and also learn everything about choosing the right generator for your camping needs.

What size camping generator do I need

Choosing a camping generator is strictly dependent on your electricity needs. It is also important to know how much of your camping time you are going to spend off-grid. If you spend most of your time in caravan parks, you probably don’t need a generator.

When I need a generator?

Generators are most useful when you travel off-road and spend time in places without electricity. When you plan to visit remote places like Cape York, Great Central Road, Gibb River Road or the Simpson Desert – this is where you utilise the generator.

Often having a good wattage solar panel could fulfil your power needs, but if you own a camper trailer or caravan with many high electric devices that would not be enough.

Also, if there is no sun for more than a few days, you won’t be able to use your solar panels to charge batteries so using the generator is the only option.

Imporant factors when buying a camping generator

There are a few features that should be looked for when buying a camping generator. The most important ones are listed first.

  • Size – 1000W or 2000W or higher – this depands on your power consumption needs; read on to find out more.
  • Operating Hours – this feature is based on two components: engine efficiency and fuel tank. Long operating hours are something to look for.
  • Warranty – generators usually don’t break if used and maintaned properly, but having additional 2 year is a big addition to a standard warranty (offered only by Yamaha)
  • Noise – generators are noisy in general. While camping you are staying among people, so having a quite generator is a bonus to have.
  • Dimensions – important when you have a small allocated space in you car, camper trailer or RV.

What camping equipment can I charge with generator?

Check the below table for sample camping equipment and recommended camping generator size. The recommended generator size is based only on one device connected at the same time.

Below, running wattage figures are only samples. Check your device specification for the exact wattage consumed by the item.

Travel Spiced Life

You can connect multiple devices to the generator by using a powerboard. Note though that the total wattage of the devices cannot exceed the maximum generator wattage.

ItemRunning Watts
(startup Watts)
Recommended Generator Size
10000 BTU RV AC700W (2000W)2000W
13500 BTU RV AC1200W (2700W)2000W
15000 BTU RV AC1500W (3500W)2000W
Microwave (600W)600W (750W)1000W
Camping Fridge100W1000W
Desktop PC600W 1000W  
Laptop250W 1000W  
Monitor250W 1000W  
Hot Water Heater2000W (2000W) 2000W  
Oven2000W (2000W) 2000W  
Corded Drill1000W 1000W  
Water Pump1000W 1000W  
Fan200W 1000W  
Electric Blanket80W 1000W  
Toaster1000W 1000W  
Battery Charger (Mobile)25W 1000W  
Air Inflator50W 1000W  

1000 Watts generators comparison table

Camping GeneratorYamaha
 Yamaha EF1000iSThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WestinghouseIGen1200.png
Best ForBest overall, warrantyLonger running hours
Output 1000W1200W
Rated Output900W1000W
Operating Hours1215
Fuel Tank2.5 L2.8 L
Size (mm)450x380x240500x440x340
Dry Weight12.7 kg15 kg
Noise (Eco)47 dBA51 dBA
Noise Full Load57 dBA
OutletsAC Plug, 1 x 12vAC Plug, 1 x 12v, 2 x USB
Warranty4 years2 years

* best in the group in green

2000 Watts generators comparison table

Camping GeneratorYamaha
Outback 2400
Briggs & Stratton
Best ForBest Overall Quietest High power Budget-friendly Most durable Complete pack 
Max Operating Hours10.52420788
Fuel Tank4.4 L5 L5 L4.8 L4.2 L3.7 L
Size (mm)490
Dry Weight20 kg20 kg19.8 kg22 kg26.5 kg22.8 kg
51.5 dBA51 dBA52 dBA
Full Load
61 dBA59 dBA68 dBA61 dBA58 dBA
OutletsAC Plug, 1 x 12v2 x AC Plug, 1 x 12v2 x AC Plug, 1 x 12v, 2 x USBAC Plug, 1 x 12v, 2 x USB 2 x AC Plug, 1 x 12v, 2 x USB2 x AC Plug, 1 x 12v, 2 x USB
Warranty4 years2 years1 year4 years2 years3 years

* best in the group in green

What is the best camping generator in Australia?

By looking at all crucial features and longest warranty on offer Yamaha EF2000iS seems to be the obvious choice but if you are short on budget Westinghouse iGen2400 gives you similar performance for the lowest price (and shorter warranty).

Should I buy 1000 or 2000 Watts?

There is only one factor when deciding on generator size – your power consumption.

To calculate what generator size you need just add up all the devices you want to charge at the same time. Make sure the total wattage does not exceed the generator’s maximum wattage.

Example power consumption calculations:

  • Laptop (250W) + Camping Fridge (100W) + Battery Charger (25W) = 375W – 1000W Generator will be sufficient
  • 15000 BTU RV AC (1500W) + Laptop (250W) = 1750W – 2000W Generator is recommended

As a rule of thumb, if you want to charge RV air-con, portable heater, microwave, or any higher than 1000 Wattage devices you need a 2000W plus generator. Otherwise, stick to 1000W and you save on price and the generator will be lighter and easy to pack.

Where I can buy a camping generator?

These days you don’t have to move from your house to get a decent camping generator. Considering there are very heavy (starting from 13 kg) it is always better to order one online from a good retailer shop.

We recommend MyGenerator, Caravan RV Camping, TentWorld, Outback Equipment, or eBay. Most brands have their eBay shops online.

How to secure generator from being stolen while camping?

It’s good to stop and pack your generator for the night. As a rule, generators should be switched off around 10 pm when camping in national parks.

To protect your generator from being stolen while camping you can use a cut-resistant super steel cable like Honda Security Cable (available on eBay). You can attach it to your generator and hook it to a camper trailer or RV.

Can I rent a generator for camping?

It is possible to rent a generator for camping from many equipment hire shops like MegaHire or Kennards. The price will vary around $60 per day.

However, due to camping trips being usually pretty long it is better to buy a new generator that will pay off only after around 3 weeks of use.

1000 watts generators summary

1000W GeneratorSummaryBest featuresWhere to buy
Yamaha EF1000iS Yamaha EF1000iS
Output: 1000W
Weight: 12.7 kg
Noise (ECO): 47 dBA
Warranty: 4 Years
light, quiet,
long warranty
My Generator

Caravan RV Camping
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WestinghouseIGen1200.pngWestinghouse

Output: 1200W
Weight: 15 kg
Noise (ECO): 51 dBA
Warranty: 2 Years
longer operating hours,
USB ports, bigger tank
Outback Camping

2000 watts generators summary

2000W GeneratorSummaryBest featuresWhere to buy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yamaha-2000w.pngYamaha EF2000iSOutput: 2000W
Weight: 20 kg
Noise (ECO): 51.5 dBA
Warranty: 4 Years
high quality,
quiet, 4-year warranty
My Generator

Caravan RV Camping
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WESTINGHOUSE-DIGITAL-2400I.pngWestinghouse
Output: 2400W
Weight: 20 kg
Noise (ECO): 51 dBA
Warranty: 2 Years
long-running hours,
quiet, bigger tank
Outback Equipment
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cromtech_2400w_generator.pngChrometech
Outback 2400
Output: 2400W
Weight: 19.8 kg
Noise (ECO): 52 dBA
Warranty: 1 Year
light, high power,
USB ports
My Generator
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Engel-R2000IS-2000W.pngEngel R2000ISOutput: 2000W
Weight: 22 kg
Noise (Full): 68 dBA
Warranty: 4 Years
compact, low price
4-year warranty
My Generator

Caravan RV Camping
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dometic-2100VA.pngDometic 2100VAOutput: 2100W
Weight: 26.5 kg
Noise (Full): 61 dBA
Warranty: 2 Years
durable, electric
and recoil starter

Caravan RV Camping
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is briggs-and-stratton-p2400.pngBriggs & Stratton
Output: 2400W
Weight: 22.8 kg
Noise (ECO): 58 dBA
Warranty: 3 Years
user friendly,
My Generator

Caravan RV Camping

What generator we use and when?

We use Honda EU1000i which is a good, quiet, and efficient model. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy one anymore.

During our long camping experience, we did not need to buy a 2000W generator as we have minimal power consumption needs. We usually camp with a tent, rooftop tent, or small camping trailer. 1000W generator was always enough for our needs.

Best Camping Generators in Australia- Summary

There are many models to choose from, but it is always best to buy good quality, recommended brands that manufacture generators for many years.

Yamaha is a definite leader here, but that comes with the price.

Other brands don’t stand far behind as the competition is very high. We recommend always checking online reviews, or asking your fellow campers for additional opinions. After all, you want to buy a generator for many years and you want to avoid any disappointment.

I hope that our guide and the list of best camping generators in Australia will help you make the right decision.

Camping Generators

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The quietest generator out of 2000W size is Westinghouse iGen2400 but Yamaha EF2000iS is almost identical in noise level.

It all depends on your power needs. If you don’t run heavy wattage devices, like an air conditioner or microwave you can buy a 1000 W generator.

If your power consumption is high, and you want to run air-con even in remote places, the 2000 W camping generator is recommended.

First of all, you can charge your RV, Camper Trailer, or auxiliary battery in the car. Also, you can charge any electronic devices, small household tools, or computer equipment.

What is important to note – the total wattage of all devices you are charging at the same time cannot exceed the maximum generator wattage.

The generator burns fuel to power an engine that runs an onboard alternator to create electricity.

Most generator manufacturers bond the components to the generator’s frame which acts as a ground wire. Follow your generator manual to check if you need to ground it.

There is not much maintenance you have to do with a camping generator. However, there are a few things you have to remember.

  • Run it every few months – anused equiment breaks more often
  • Routinely check fuel levels for any leaks
  • Change air filter and oil on regular basis
  • Check spark plugs

Starting Watts – a short wattage surge needed to start the generator

Running Watts – watts used to run the generator in the continuous momentum

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Fuel funnel with water filter – additional protection when fueling up in dodgy places

Additional fuel canisters

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