Campfire breakfast pockets – super fast dessert to start your day

Easy Campfire Recipes - Campfire Breakfast Pockets

The campfire breakfast pockets recipe continues our Camping Stuffed Toast Recipe with Capsicum and Cheese recipe that we posted early this year.

In that recipe, we used egg circle rings to make holes in the white bread to make some space for the capsicum and cheese stuffing.

You may ask – what did you do with the circle bread leftovers? Obviously, we did not throw it away – we used it to make our sweet delicacy – breakfast pockets.

The pockets can be the final innuendo to finish your breakfast in a sweet fashion.

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Campfire breakfast pockets – Ingredients

  • white bread
  • jam
  • butter

Campfire breakfast pockets – Instructions

The whole deal about this cheeky recipe is to use egg rings to make holes in white bread. The round pieces will serve as pocket layers in the process.

The only problem is once you make holes – what will you do with the bread leftovers.

That’s why we first, prepared the toast recipe with capsicum and cheese stuffing and then used the round pieces to make the pockets.

  1. Start the campfire and run it for 15-30 minutes, so there are enough charcoals to make the meal.
cabagge rolles on campfire

2. Use egg rings to make round pocket layers. They work in pairs so make sure you have an even number of pieces.

Breakfast Stuffed Toast Recipe - Make holes in bread

3. Put some jam and a bit of butter on the bread piece.

Breakfast Pockets
Breakfast Pockets – adding jam

4. Use a fork to join the pocket layers together.

Breakfast Pockets
Breakfast Pockets – sticking the pieces together

5. Place the pocket on the frying pan for 5 minutes until they are light brown.

Breakfast Pockets
Breakfast Pockets – 5 minutes on a frying pan

6. Enjoy – it is a sweet conclusion for any breakfast – fast and quick!

Campfire Breakfast Pockets
Campfire Breakfast Pockets – Ready to Eat!

If you tried this fast and tasty recipe please drop a comment below. We love to hear your feedback.

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