Our Unforgettable Shell Beach Experience

Shell Beach

We decided to stop at Nanga Bay Station Resort as it was a perfect base for us to visit Shell Beach that is a part of Shark Bay World Heritage area. Nanga Bay Station is a God forgotten place, or at least that was mine impression when we arrived there. Prosperity time was probably around […]

Monkey Mia – unique bottlenose dolphin paradise

Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphins

Next day we drove through the flat, monotonous landscape to our next destination – Denham and Monkey Mia.  While driving 350 km to Denham, we missed trees again as it was only grass and more grass around us. The landscape only changed and became more interesting after we entered the Francois Peron Peninsula.  In general the […]

Impressive 1 Mile Carnarvon Jetty

Carnarvon Jetty​

It was another 240 km south and we finally reached a bigger coastal town of Carnarvon.  It is situated at the mouth of the Gascoyne River on the Indian Ocean and is famous for its one mile jetty. With the population of 4500 it is a frequent stop by tourists to do the last big […]

Coral Bay – awesome snorkelling paradise

Coral Bay

It was only a 150 km drive from Exmouth to Coral Bay. As we spent more time in Western Australia we learned it is a very dry state without trees at least in the northern part of it. The roads are very boring and surrounded by emptiness. Only small shrubs are visible from the road. […]

Ningaloo Reef – best place to watch humpback whales

We decided that our next destination would be the famous Ningaloo Reef. Ningaloo Reef is a world heritage listed site that is home to fringing reef that is close to your footstep. Close to the shore you can snorkel and watch turtles, fish and manta rays. And from the hill you can watch the majestic humpback […]

Karijini National Park – best mini gorges in Australia

Karijini National Park - Dales Gorge

Despite car technical issues we decided to drive inland to explore Karijini National Park.  The bitumen road was picturesque but more often flat and boring. We drove 330 km on total emptiness with no trees, mountains or even small hills. Just grass, only grass. Dales Campground – Eastern Karijini National Park Further inland it was very […]

80 Mile Beach – best fishing and huge shells

It was a 3 hours drive from Port Smith to our next, long waited destination – 80 Mile Beach. We stopped at the only camping place called – Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park. It is located 50 meters from the beach so what else we may want? The most unique feature of the 80 Mile Beach […]

Broome – the luxury pearling capital of Australia

We arrived in Broome early afternoon. This time we chose a different caravan park. It was further away from the center, but we had more space. We had long list of places to visit: ‘Staircase to the moon’, Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, camels on famous Cable Beach, Chinatown and its pearling story, Matso’s Brewery and dinosaur […]

Dampier Peninsula – amazing pindan cliffs and white sand beaches

There was only 190 km from Derby to Broome and we drove it in two hours. We got to Broome before noon so we had plenty of time to do some shopping and find a place to leave our trailer. Our plan for the next few days was to conquer Cape Leveque in the Dampier Peninsula, […]

Derby – the highest tide in Australia and 2nd in the World

Derby is a small town in Kimberly and along with Broome and Kununurra it is only the third town with over 2000 population. Despite its size Derby offers a few things to explore. One of the most famous places to go is Derby wharf with its highest tide up to 11.8 meters. This actually places […]