Spangled Drongo – a noisy and conspicuous bird

Spangled Drongo

Spangled Drongo – forked tail and crimson eyes Spangled Drongo is a beautiful black bird with bright red eyes and intensively blue spots on its chest. It has a characteristic fork like tail and is known for its sharp calling sound. It likes to imitate kingfisher sounds. Occasionally it makes a loud, entertaining calls that […]

Kookaburra – cheeky laughing bird


How we encountered Kookaburra first time… Imagine your first night camping. All is new and unknown. You go to sleep and wake up early in the morning because something is laughing next to your tent. This happened to me and my first thought was – it is a hyena. My next thought was – nah, […]

Glossy Ibis – graceful vocal glider

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis likes wetlands and floodplains. There are 3 types of Ibises in Australia (Glossy, Straw-necked and White), but the Glossy Ibis is my favourite. Maybe because of its colours? From the distance this bird looks black, but if you look closer green-and-purple gloss is clearly visible is the right light.  Ibises are also know […]

Whistling Kite – clear whistle hunting bird

Whistling Kite

whistling kite is a very vocal bird, it can whistle in flight or while perched on a branch. Pairs constantly call to each other. They are graceful gliders often flying low searching for live or dead prey. They sometimes take fish form surface of the water. They also catch reptiles, insects and small mammals. The […]

Black Necked Stork – the majestic wetland bird

Black Necked Stork

Better known as Jabiru. This bird is tall, with crimson long legs. Its black neck has beautiful dark green sheen and female eye has attractive amber colour. Jabiru has long, strong beak, which uses to hunt snakes, frogs, turtles and fish in the north Australian wetlands. This bird is a common sight in Kakadu, but  […]

Comb Crested Jacana – a caring super dad

Comb Crested Jacana

This is my favorite bird. It is tiny, has long legs and  beautiful red wattle (male). I love watching it when it walks slowly and deliberately, jumping from one lily pad to the other. Sometimes it fly low over the water. And what is really interesting – male takes care of little chicks and keeps […]

White Bellied Sea Eagle – awesome bird of pray

White Bellied Sea Eagle

Spectacular Australian bird of prey. Despite its name, it doesn’t live only in seaside areas. We spotted it near wetlands, far from the sea, especially along rivers. This very powerful bird with large talons is often heard in the mornings and at dusk calling its mate. Pairs stay together for life.  Sea eagles swoop down […]

Rainbow Lorikeet – a colorful beauty

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets often travel together in pairs and occasionally respond to calls to fly as a flock. Noisy, beautiful bird. I love them especially in the morning- there is no chance to sleep in. Where spotted: Brisbane, QLD Rainbow Lorikeet – more information More information about this colorful parrot from Wikipedia

Brolga – the amazing dancing bird


Brolga is a wetland bird and it lives in tropical and south-eastern Australia. Brolgas are famous for their courting dance. This large bird dances, leaping a meter in the air and calling as part of bonding and breading.  There is an opinion they dance also for pleasure. I was able to see a dancing brolga only once. My […]