Spectacular Daintree National Park – ancient 180 million old rainforest

Daintree National Park

Sleeping at Wonga Caravan Park was great as we were located meters from Wonga Beach and all night we could hear the ocean. Next day the sunrise was spectacular. Clouds hung low over the orange sphere which illuminated them beautifully from below. Wonga Beach Sunrise We planned for a big day today – visit world […]

Crossing Great Central Road with a 3 years old

Great Central Road

Next day in the morning we left Leonora to hit the dirt again on Great Central Road. We refueled the car and filled up four diesel canisters. We were a bit uncertain of what may happen on this road as it is not used by tourists much. Laverton – sleepy outback town Ahead of us […]

Visiting 11 Best Attractions in Darwin

Best Attractions in Darwin - sunset cruise

Arriving to Darwin Our next destination was Darwin. It was only 115 km from Litchfield National Park to again reach civilization. The drive was short, but it took us some time to pick the right caravan park. We wanted to stay there longer as it was finally warm and there were a lot of attractions […]