Sweet and sour chicken stir fry

Sweet and sour chicken stir fry - Mix everything

Sweet and sour chicken stir fry is another quick recipe for a tasty meal while you are camping. This tasty meal can be prepared in 40 minutes. We made it in Weipa Caravan Park while we were on the way to the Cape Your Tip Peninsula. Prep time:  10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Servings: 3 Sweet […]

Fast camping Hot Dogs for your hungry family

Fast camping Hot Dogs for your hungry family

This camping hot dogs recipe can be prepared very fast, in 15 minutes. We all love hot dogs and they always taste better when you are outdoor, after a long walk, or a day full of activities. After the whole day, when you are tired and have a little energy to cook a ‘proper’ meal, […]

Campfire easy apple crumble – sweet and crunchy

Campfire easy apple crumble - sweet and crunchy

This easy apple crumble can be prepared while you are sitting at a campfire. There is nothing better than a sweet dessert after diner. We had an opportunity to make it during our trip to the northernmost tip of Australia – Cape York. Our campsite was 10 km off Wujal Wujal at a slow-flowing creek […]

Campfire garlic bread – perfect with vegetable soup

Campfire garlic bread

The campfire garlic bread recipe is quick and simple. It is a quick trick you can do when you have normal bread, but everybody wants garlic bread. I know we all love garlic bread, especially when you can have it with a nice, hot soup. In our case, we drove for a long time, and […]

Winter vegetable camping soup – cook before you hit the road

Winter vegetable camping soup

Camping soups or stews are always perfect when you are on the road and don’t want to waste time preparing diner after you arrive at your destination. Normally, soups like this can be prepared in the morning before you pack your equipment and hit the road. The short recipe is to prepare your meat and […]

Campfire burger buns – excellent for outback burgers

Burger buns - Ready for Outback Burgers

We were heading to the most northern tip of Australia, and we stopped at The Bend, near Coen. It was dinner time and I decided to make outback burgers. The first thing was to make delicious campfire burger buns for the burgers themselves. Necessity is the mother of invention. Especially if you are in the […]

Tasty Outback Burgers made in a campfire

outback burgers

We were on the way to the tip of Cape York, and we stopped at The Bend, near Coen. It was late afternoon, but we managed to get a nice spot with a view of the river. It was time for dinner. Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere and your kids demand to have McDonald’s. It […]

Dutch Oven Goulash – perfect with dumplings

Dutch Oven Goulash

We were lucky to cook dutch oven goulash in a beautiful place – Bramwell Station, Cape York. Goulash, originally Hungarian, so called everything-goes-in meal is a perfect dish while camping. Simply, chuck in everything you have in your camping fridge. This time my basic ingredients were beef, capsicum, onion. Try it yourself when are away. […]

Delicious Stuffed Toast Recipe with Capsicum and Cheese

Breakfast Stuffed Toast Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you plan a day full of activities. This stuffed toast recipe can be prepared on the fire (like I did) and on the stove with a normal frying pan. The stuffing I prepared is without meat but you can play with it and add […]

Slow Cooked Barbeque Chicken – perfect when you are busy all-day

Slow Cooked Barbeque Chicken

While we are on a camping trip we drive a lot. Often we need to get to our destination within a few days, which means driving every day for 5 to 6 hours. We are not big fans of fast food which is unhealthy anyway. Instead, we found the best way when we are busy […]