Northern Dwarf Tree Frog – a little beauty

Northern Dwarf Tree Frog

This tiny frog grows up to 3 cm, and it’s very hard to spot it. I had to look under the pandamus leaves to discover one!  Northern Dwarf Tree Frog is typically found in wet areas of northern Australia. Interestingly, juveniles are brown and more green colour appears as they grow bigger. Where spotted:  Lorella […]

Infamous Australian Saltwater Crocodile (Saltie)

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Saltwater crocodiles, also known as ‘salties’ or estuarine crocodiles, are the world’s largest living reptiles. Saltwater crocodiles, which can grow up to 7 meters are common in northern Australia.  Female crocodiles are significantly smaller than male and on average reach around 3 meters. Salties are ‘living fossils’ because they didn’t change for 100 million years. […]