Bush Cooking Ultimate Guide

Bush Cooking – another way to enjoy the fire Bush cooking is something that can really enhance your stay while camping. When we started our camping trips a long time ago we usually had a campfire going, regardless of the weather. After some time, though, we learned that we enjoy it better when we have […]

21 Best Tips to Australian off road driving adventure


Off road driving can be really tricky especially when you have never done it. Believe me that your experience driving a small car does not equal to driving a beast like Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser. In this guide we list all important information about off road driving based on our experience that you […]

11 Tips to successful Australian outback camping

Camping at Diamantina

Outback camping in Australia is  one of the best options to see all Australian wonders while you are driving. The distances between the attractions are sometimes huge, so in some cases you have to stop for the night in the middle of nowhere. It is important to know how to set up your camp. Everything […]