Comb Crested Jacana – a caring super dad

Comb Crested Jacana

This is my favourite bird. It is tiny, has long legs and beautiful red wattle (male). I love watching it when it walks slowly and deliberately, jumping from one lily pad to the other. Sometimes it flies low over the water.

What is really interesting – male takes care of little chicks and keeps them under his wings. When we were at Corroboree Billabong I was able to see it, what an amazing view! Small feet hanging on both sides of this little brave dad. 

The jacana’s long legs, wings and toes are useful for walking on water surface vegetation. There they probe for aquatic seeds and insects. 

If the bird is stressed the colour of its comb changes from red to yellow. 

When threatened by a predator they dive under the water and stay motionless with their bill and nostrils just out of the water.

Where spotted: Wyndham WA, Fog Dam & Darwin NT

Comb Crested Jacana – more information

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