Gold Coast Hinterland and joyful theme parks

Gold Coast

We stayed in Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park in Helensvale. The park was renovated recently and we could enjoy a new swimming complex with a big round pool, a children pool and a hot spa. 

It was a good starting point wherefrom we could go to Brisbane for job interviews or drive around and see all attractions like Gold Coast Hinterland or theme parks.

New obligations and change of mentality

We stayed on the Gold Coast for three weeks in total. We had enough time to drive around, go fishing, visit DreamWorld and the Hinterland. In the mid-time we were looking for a job, making many phone calls and going to interviews.

We noticed that our state of mind had changed. We stopped feeling like ‘free birds’ anymore. Instead, we started feeling a bit of pressure. It wasn’t that we had to start working immediately but once we committed to finding a job we were ready to settle down.

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It was already 10 months on the road, and we were so happy we did this trip, but there is always one day when good things end and we have to return to reality.

Funny sign at Surface Paradise in Gold Coast
Funny sign at Surface Paradise in Gold Coast – and we did not go beyond this point any further in our trip

Gold Coast Hinterland

The Gold Coast area is not only famous for its beaches, numerous canals or theme parks but also for its Hinterland. 

Gold Coast Hinterland is made up of the spectacular McPherson Range which offers plenty of walking trails and some truly amazing scenery. 

Going for a drive through a patchwork of rural plantations, vineyards, farmland and livestock estates on the way to more than 100,000 hectares of National Parks and reserves, networked with miles of enchanting bushwalking trails is just amazing.

Gold Coast Hinterland
Gold Coast Hinterland

Quiet country roads, just 30 minutes from the beaches, lead into canyons and valleys with their hidden secrets of natural wonders. 

Also, there are beautiful, green suburbs with reasonable cheap land. Honestly, it is a wonderland. But, for us, it would have to stay as our dream for the future.

Mount Tamborine and The Polish Place

We drove a loop through Mount Tamborine where we visited The Polish Place. This well-known restaurant with luxurious accommodation was awarded ‘Best European Restaurant’ on the Gold Coast for three consecutive years in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Nell eating tomato soup in Polish Place
Nell eating tomato soup in Polish Place

Their famous dish – the Roasted Duck for two with Cherries plus a stunning 180 degrees view, comfortable cottages with spa and Polish vodka makes this place a unique destination for many.

When we arrive at The Polish Place it was just around lunchtime we decided to stay for a meal and enjoy the view.

The Polish Place
The Polish Place

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World

Being on the Gold Coast we could not miss going to the theme parks. I remember when we lived in Melbourne we always talked about it. It was so unfair to us that people who live on the Gold Coast have so many theme parks and other attractions to visit.

One of the joyful theme parks - Dreamworld
One of the joyful theme parks – Dreamworld

Interestingly, when you are a Brisbane or Gold Coast resident, you can purchase a yearly ticket that permits you to visit the theme parks any day you want.

As a result, we purchased yearly tickets to Dreamworld and WhiteWater World. Then, wherever we had an opportunity we went there and spent some good time.

Dreamworld - big slide
Dreamworld – big slide

I remember during our three weeks stay we went to either theme park at least ten times. After that, we almost knew every square meter of both parks.

Beyond the Sand Arts Festival

During our stay, we got lucky as there was Beyond the Sand Arts Festival on the Gold coast. It was a sand sculpture exhibition in Surface Paradise. 

We could not miss it, so we went and could see what amazing sculptures artists can make from the sand. I think there were at least 12 sculptures and the main topic was pirates so every sculpture depicted some pirate scene.

We were wondering how the sand holds together in parts like the pirate teeth. Maybe they added a bit of plaster – who knows.

The Spit – the best fishing spot on Gold Coast

On the way back from Beyond the Sand Arts Festival, we drove up to The Spit. Officially Southport Spit, is a long peninsula, right past Main Beach that is home to Sea World – the famous theme park full of attractions and crazy rides. 

The Seaway at The Spit is voted the best fishing place on the Gold Coast. Angler catch yellowtail, kingfish, whitehead and flathead.

The Spit - the best fishing spot in Gold Coast
The Spit – the best fishing spot in Gold Coast

Interestingly, The Spit is also a popular snorkelling and diving spot that consists of 5 different areas with the most interesting South Wall Dive Area. This is where divers can come face to face with a giant grouper or school of giant trevallies (GT).

Finally, it is also a popular surfing spot as the whole Gold Coast is, but The Spit is a good one if you want to escape the crowd.

The jetty like walkway is made of big square stones and at the end of it, we had to walk carefully as there were big gaps between them. The place was full of anglers and some of them had even fish in their bucket.

Gold Coast luxurious life

The other day, we drove around through famous suburbs like Southport, Biggera Waters or Paradise Point to see how people live and believe me many live in a luxury. In some places, a standard is to have a house and a big boat at the canal. 

Our visit to Gold Coast was not the first time. We have been here in the past twice. This time though, we looked from a different perspective. It supposed to be our home or if not Gold Coast then Brisbane for sure. 

We had a mixed feeling of holiday and work. 

Gold Coast famous skyscrapers
Gold Coast famous skyscrapers

Our next, and final destination was Brisbane, where we found our jobs. Read our final post and the summary of our trip around Australia.

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