Kookaburra – cheeky laughing bird


How we encountered Kookaburra first time…

Imagine your first night camping. All is new and unknown. You go to sleep and wake up early in the morning because something is laughing next to your tent. This happened to me and my first thought was – it is a hyena.

My next thought was – nah, Australia doesn’t have them, it must be something else. And it was – laughing Kookaburra. 

This bird is a symbol of Australia. We meet them constantly during our adventures. These cheeky birds know well how to help themselves and we learned fast not to leave any food on the table because it can disappear in the mater of seconds. 

In fact they can even ‘collect’ sausages from the hot grill or a plate at the dinner table. 

Kookaburra - the butter accident

Once happened Kookaburra attacked a cold butter that I just took out from the fridge.

Kookaburra’s beak went deep into the butter and it wouldn’t go out despite bird’s big efforts. I had to help the Kookaburra by grabbing it and separating butter from the bird.

From now on, I know that Kookaburras are pretty heavy. They are the largest member of Kingfisher family and they grow to the size of footy ball. 

When not ‘hunting’ human food Kookaburra  eats small animals, insects and snakes.  It perches quietly on a tree and when ready glides onto its pray. There are two types of Kookaburras in Australia:  Blue-Winged,  spotted in Northern Australia and Laughing Kookaburra – native to eastern Australia. 

Where spotted: Laura Station QLD, Brisbane QLD, Darwin NT and many other places

Kookaburra - more information

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