Little Black Cormorant – an outstanding fisherman

Little Black Cormorant

The Little Black Cormorant is a small, slim, completely black cormorant with a green sheen to the back and a slender grey hooked bill. It likes freshwater wetlands but can be found on sheltered coastal waters. You rarely see it outside of water habitats.

It is often seen resting on rocks, jetties, and other perches in water. The Little Black Cormorant hunts underwater by chasing up small fish or aquatic insects. Actually, cormorants work together to surround school of fish in open water.

One of the iconic features of Little Black Cormorant is when they rest on a rock or piece of wood to dry their wings (first picture in the gallery) which are not waterproof.

In regards to flying, they do large V-shaped formations that have hundreds or even thousads birds. So, when they are in the air they look very spectacular.

Where spotted: Darwin, NT

Spangled Little Black Cormorant - more information

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