Magpie Goose – white and black emblem of Northern Australia

Magpie Goose

Magpie Goose loves Northern Australia. 

The magpie goose has black and white plumage and long, brightly coloured legs. It is a big bird – 70–90 cm in size. 

Male Geese have a large knob on the top of their head making them easily identifiable from females.

Pairs of Magpie geese mate for life. Large, noisy flocks of up to a few thousand birds congregate to feed on wetland vegetation. 

It’s really worth visiting Northern Territory in the late dry season to see large flocks of magpie geese crowd the remaining billabongs. 

We have seen hundreds of them congregate on Kakadu floodplains or Fog Dam just before.  

As they leave the floodplains to roost for the night, the air becomes thick with honking geese flying in lines across the red setting sun.

Where spotted: Kakadu National Park NT, St Lawrence QLD

Funny story. Collingwood football club is called Magpies – some say the name is taken from the Melbourne municipality of Collingwood in 1892 – an area that has been described as ‘pre-ordained to be a slum’


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