National Parks

National Parks

National Parks

We often find that information about national parks could be located on many pages or different websites so we decided to create a dedicated national park section where you find all you need in one place.

Every park we visited has a short description, how to get there, weather, best time to visit, accommodation (camping, resorts), walks and our personal experience and tips.

All photographs or videos you see are our work unless it is cited otherwise.

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Spectacular Daintree National Park – ancient 180 million old rainforest

Interestingly, the Amazon forest is ‘only’ 7 million years and the Daintree rainforest estimated age is around 180 million

Australia's iconic road trips

Road Trip - Damantina, Kakadu & Darwin

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Anyone Should Visit

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10 Australian National Parks
anyone should visit

From red dirt to tropical rainforest. Ten national parks you should put on your bucket list. Click below to subscribe to our newsletter and download your free book.