Delicious Polish cheesecake without baking

Polish cheesecake - Enjoy!

Our daughter loves jelly, and we love Polish cheesecake. It’s hard to make cheesecake while camping unless there is no baking!  This recipe is a perfect solution when you want something sweet and you don’t have baking facilities.

All components of the recipe are easy to make, and the final cheesecake is delicious!

Prep time:  20 minutes

Wait time: 60 – 120 minutes

Servings: 6

Polish Cheesecake – Ingridients

  • 250 g of cream cheese
  • a packet of strawberry jelly 
  • a packet of lime jelly
  • 4  tablespoons soft butter
  • a packet of biscuits
Polish cheesecake - Ingredients

1. Use a fork to crush cookies into cookie crumbs. Custard cookies are not the best option, but we were in the middle of nowhere and had to use what we had on hand. 

Polish cheesecake - Mash Cookies

2. Mix the cookie crumbs with 4 tablespoons of melted butter. Press the cookie mixture evenly into the bottom of the container.

Polish cheesecake - Prepare the base

3. Prepare lime jelly according to the instruction on the box. Stir until the gelatin has dissolved in hot water.

Polish cheesecake - Prepare Jelly

4. Wait until jelly cooled down and combine it with cream cheese. Use a mixer when making it at home.

Polish cheesecake - Mix cheese with Jelly
Polish cheesecake – Mix cheese with Jelly

5. Add cheese mixture to the container, spreading evenly over the crust. Chill.

Polish cheesecake - Mix cheese with Jelly

6. Prepare strawberries jelly, stir until dissolved, and cool it down. Gently pour strawberry gelatin onto the top of the chilled cheesecake. Chill.

Polish cheesecake - Enjoy!
Polish cheesecake – Enjoy!

You have to admit it was a bit of cheating with this recipe, but we always have to adjust to the conditions we are currently in.

There is always a choice between ‘not having’ an awesome, homemade cheesecake or making a camping cheesecake which is delicious too.

This time we were in Weipa Caravan Park, and we wanted to have something sweet after we ate our camping hot dogs we prepared earlier.

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