The Pinnacles – amazing limestone formations

The Pinnacles

Cervantes is only 200 km from Perth. A good stone’s throw and we will finally be able to fix the car and clean up trailer in Perth. The subject of our four wheels is coming up more and more as the situation becomes more and more serious. 

We came to Cervantes because we really wanted to see The Pinnacles

We did not turn off our car...

We practically do not turn off the engine for a fear that we will not be able to start it again. Today we were forced to set up a camp quickly, with the car engine running. Soon, we will be as good as a bolid service team. I’m trying to joke, but it’s really not funny at all.

Nambung National Park - The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are located 22 km south from Cervantes. These amazing rock formations look like the ruins of an ancient city or a huge graveyard. 

Some pinnacles are jagged, others are like sharp-edged columns, and some can be compared to a tombstone. Obviously climbing is prohibited as these structures are quite fragile. Interestingly, the tallest pinnacles can reach even 3.5 meters.

The Pinnacles

Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect, Heavy clouds rolled over the sky and the ocean was gray-steel in color. 

We managed to catch some sun rays playing beautifully on the rocks. I was so euphoric that the camera got hot. At one point, I lost touch with reality and started to step backwards, backwards, and finally rolled over a small rock standing strategically right behind me. 

The Pinnacles was simply amazing! I was running like crazy among the ancient pillars, shooting hundreds of photos for over an hour and I couldn’t believe at the end how much time had passed.

It felt it as it was maybe 10 minutes. The trail itself is designed as a 4 km loop that can be walked or traveled by car. It’s definitely worth a walk. In our case, there was no option. I walked, and Marius followed me in the car.

Nell slept in the backseat, completely unaware of what she was missing. 

If you ever visit this area, the Nambung National Park and Pinnacles Desert is a point that should not be missed.

In my opinion this is one of the most unique landscapes in all of Australia. Thousands of limestone rocks are sacred places to the local tribe of Noongar people. 

Water stored in the cave systems and waterholes allowed survival of the harsh dry season condition for hundreds of years. Traditional owners of the land also believe that large rock formations are fossilized men who were punished by gods for walking into the desert which was sacred and reserved for women only.

The Pinnacles

Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre

This newly created desert centre was placed in the middle of The Pinnacles where thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from the yellow sands.

Inside you can watch displays, soundscapes, videos and objects that explain the geology of the pinnacles formations.

Just behind the centre is the Pinnacles View Lookout.

We will reach Perth tomorrow

The evening was very cold and windy. Then, it started to rain. Our plan to see beautiful white sands of the Ronsard Bay will have to wait for our next visit to this magical place. 

We hoped to reach Perth the next day and finally fix our car. We actually missed a few good attractions on the west coast. The reason was simple; once we started the car we could not turn it off as it would not have started again on the hot engine. 

That’s ok. Things like this are part of travelling. We were lucky we could drive for so long and see many things. Let’s see what they say in Perth.

Our latest travel progress

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