GOING North – Queensland’s Tropical Treasures

Discover Australia’s Tropical Wonderland

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the raw beauty and vibrant culture of Tropical North QLD. From the chic coastal town of Port Douglas to the historic charm of Cooktown and the rugged wilderness of Cape York, we’ve got you covered.

Standing on northernmost tip of Australia

The Tip of Cape York – 10 Things To Know Before Driving

Cape York should be on everybody bucket list of the tropical north QLD attractions.

Read our 10 must-know tips for an unforgettable, ‘no worries’ drive to the wild and wonderful Tip of Cape York!

Bramwell at night

Bramwell Station & Junction Roadhouse: Your Cape York Adventure Starts Here!

You know that feeling of anticipation, the butterflies fluttering in your stomach just before you embark on a grand adventure?

Warm colours of Elim Beach at sunset

Elim Beach Coloured Sands – awesome camping near Cooktown

When preparing for your trip to Cape York, be sure to add Elim Beach to your list of must-see destinations…

Driving to Cape York - PDR

15 Tips to drive the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR)

Visiting Cape York and putting your feet on the northernmost point of the Australian continent is on many bucket lists. Driving there is a different story…

Queensland Gems – Cairns and Kuranda

Experience the Vibrant Pulse of Tropical North Queensland

Join us as we explore Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, and Kuranda, the enchanting village in the rainforest. From colourful coral to captivating culture, we’re diving deep into these tropical treasures. Are you in?

Cairns Lagoon
7 days in Cairns city and 11 amazing places to visit

Get ready to immerse yourself in a full week of Cairns’ tropical north Queensland allure! This guide will walk you through 11 can’t-miss spots that’ll transform your Cairns sojourn into an unforgettable Aussie adventure.

Skyrail - Barron Falls
6 Kuranda Walks and River Cruise

Step into the lush world of Kuranda with our guide to six stunning walks and a remarkable river cruise. We’re your compass to an unforgettable rainforest rendezvous, teeming with vibrancy and life.

Tropical North Queensland - Aboriginal Dance at Cooktown Discovery Festival

19 Best Cooktown Attractions – The ultimate guide

Unlock the historic charm and vibrant culture of Cooktown with our ultimate guide. We’ve handpicked 19 top-notch attractions that will catapult you straight into the heart of this unique Queensland town.

Cobbold Gorge – bespoken beauty in the remote Queensland

Venture into the remote heart of Queensland and discover Cobbold Gorge, a hidden gem of captivating beauty waiting to leave you spellbound. This isn’t just sightseeing, mate, it’s an adventure!

Cobbold Gorge - amazing rock formations
Tropical North QLD - Laura Dance Festival - women dancers
Laura Dance Festival

Dive into the pulsating heart of Aboriginal culture at the Laura Dance Festival. Experience a vivid tapestry of dance, music, and storytelling that echoes through the millennia.

Tropical North QLD - Four Mile Beach Sunset
Port Douglas – amazing Four Mile Beach

Get ready to fall head over flip-flops for the stunning Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas – where turquoise waves kiss golden sands and every sunset is a masterpiece!

Rhythm Meets Reef

Experience Cultural Splendor in Tropical Bliss

From the rhythmic heartbeat of the Laura Dance Festival to the sun-soaked serenity of Port Douglas, we’re taking you on a cultural and tropical rollercoaster. Dive into the cultural diversity and stunning beauty of Far North Queensland with us!