Where to find platypus? – a shy and unique mammal

where to find platypus

Platypus is one of the most unusual animals. Scientists who examined this animal for the first time were under the impression that someone fabricated it from a duck, beaver and otter. 

And when I see this cute animal I start to think that mother nature really stuck together with a bill and webbed feet from the duck, the tail of the beaver and otters fur. 

So, where to find platypus?

Platypus can be found in many places in Queensland like Carnarvon Gorge, Atherton Tableland, Maleny on Sunshine Coast or Paluma National Park.

Interestingly, it can also be spotted around Founders Lake in Tasmanian Arboretum, where it is not uncommon to see a few during one watching.

We had many attempts in the past but we failed. For example, they are common in Carnarvon Gorge, but despite many attempts, we could not find them.

Platypus is a very shy creature and despite our efforts very often we weren’t able to see it. Finally, we went to Eungella National Park where one hungry platypus finally made a show for us. 

It hunted underwater, and it was popping up at the surface from time to time. It swam gracefully by paddling with its front webbed feet and steering with its hind feet and beaver-like tail.  

One interesting fact we found was about platypus spur. Only males have a spur that is connected to a venom gland. This platypus spur can kill small animals and really hurt humans.

Platypus is a carnivore and feeds on bugs, shellfish and other small insects.

Where spotted: Eungella National Park, QLD

Where to find platypus – more information

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