Burrum Coast National Park – beautiful beaches and 4WD driving

Burrum Coast National Park - Theodolite Estuary


Burrum Coast National Park is located in the Wide Bay Burnett Region, 38 km from Childers, 55 km from Bundaberg, and 93 km from Hervey Bay. The park is divided into four sections:

  • Kinkuna,
  • Woodgate,
  • Burrum River
  • Buxton

Only Kinkuna and Woodgate have recreation facilities.

In Burrum National Park, visitors can expect to find wide beaches with great fishing, abundant wildlife, and 4WD tracks.

The park is a bit similar to Bribie Island National Park in a sense of deep sand tracks and sandy wide beaches.

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Beach driving is possible in the Woodgate section.

Burrum Coast National Park map

Burrum Coast National Park - beach driving
Burrum National Park – beach driving
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Access & how to get there

Woodgate Section

The Woodgate Section of Burrum Coast NP is easily accessible by bitumen road from Childers or Bundaberg. It is the most commonly visited section in the park due to its easy access and recreational facilities at Woodgate Beach.

Visitors only need a 4WD vehicle if they are planning to camp at Burrum Point Camping Area or Kinkuna Camping Area.

Otherwise, they can stay in Woodgate Beach Holiday Park and enjoy the beautiful beach or drive to Walkers Point by bitumen road to see Isis River at low tide and Burrum Heads from a distance.

An alternative option is to visit the Theodolite River estuary, which is a short drive from Woodgate Beach.

Woodgate Beach from air
Woodgate Beach from the air

Kinkuna Section

Kinkuna Section is suitable for more experienced drivers as a high-clearance 4WD is needed to access camping areas.

Access to this section can be gained via Palm Beach Road, which can be driven from the north off Coonarr Road, or via Woppis Road from the south, located 3 km from Woodgate Beach.

It is important to note that most of the driving is done on the sand, sometimes gravel and the road can be closed after heavy rain, as it passes through low-lying swampy areas.

Once visitors reach the coastline, they can navigate to Kinkuna Camping Area.

Burrum River Section

The Burrum River Section is situated on the other side of Isis River and can be accessed by a 2WD turning off the Bruce Highway in Howard or Torbanlea. It is a 15 km drive to the park.

The park is located on both sides of Burrum Heads Road, offering visitors an opportunity to explore the Burrum River on a canoe or kayak.

However, there are no recreational facilities available in this section, making it a perfect destination for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy nature in a peaceful setting.

Buxton Section

Again this section has no facilities but it is a popular spot for birdwatchers.

To access Buxton Section turn off from Bruce Highway into Buxton Road and after 13 km turn into Pioneer Road.


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Burrum Point Camping Area

4 WD Access Only
Bore Tap Water
Tent, Camper Site
Single Axe Camper Site
Dogs NOT Allowed

Accessible by the beach and short 4WD sandy track from the beach or by a 4km inland sandy 4WD track.

Note that the inland track has some deep sand sections and may be impassable after a big rain. 

Kinkuna Camping Area

4 WD Access Only
No Toilets
Bore Tap Water
Camper Site
Single Axe Camper
Dogs NOT Allowed

Accessible only by sandy 4WD by Palm Beach Road from the north or Woppis Road from the south.

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When driving deep sand make sure you drop your tyres pressure to 20 psi

Book your camping spot online via Queensland National Parks

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Caravan Parks

Woodgate Beach Holiday Park

2WD Access
Cafe Shop
Free Wi-Fi
Power Sites
Tent & Cabins
Dogs Allowed
Dump Point

Woodgate Beach Caravan Park is conveniently located right on Woodgate Beach. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind. They offer camping or caravan sites, but also homely cabins, villas, or glamping safari tents.

While in the park, you can enjoy a variety of wildlife including black cockatoos and colourful lorikeets.

There is an onsite cafe offering nice coffee, lunch, or dinner.

You have to only cross the road to enjoy a beautiful, wide beach where you can relax or try fishing.

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Things to do

Burrum National Park is a perfect destination for those who love beaches and fishing. In addition, Woodgate and Kinkuna Sections provide challenging deep sand tracks and camping opportunities for 4WD enthusiasts.

For those who prefer a more leisurely experience, Woodgate Section offers three short walks: Hoppy Larks Creek, The Boardwalk (accessible from Acacia Street), and Walkers Point. These walks are perfect for nature lovers and offer a chance to experience the beautiful wildlife of the park up close.

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Our Experience & Tips

We visited Burrum Coast National Park, and Woodgate section twice in the past. The first time was when we were finishing our trip around Australia years ago, and the second time was recently when we travelled to Rockhampton.

The second time we stayed for two days in Woodgate Beach Holiday Park.

We really enjoyed this place as the facilities are very good and easy access to the beach gives you a nice relaxed feeling.

One day we did a loop drive to Burrum Point Camping Area by the beach and returned by the inland sandy, 4WD track.

The entrance to the beach is very easy and you don’t need to drop your tyre pressure if you intend to drive to the beach only and return.

Burrum Coast National Park - Beach Entrance

The weather was great during our visit, which made for a smooth drive along the inland sandy track to Burrum Point Camping Area.

The camping ground bays are situated mostly on the sand between eucalyptus trees and there are toilets available for campers.

We also took some time to explore other nearby spots, such as Walkers Point and Theodolite River, to take in the stunning views of the area.

Theodolite Estuary from air

Interesting facts about Burrum Coast National Park

  • Burrum Coast National Park consists of a variety of ecosystems, including mangroves, wallum heathland, eucalypt woodlands, and paperbark swamps. This variety in habitats supports a wide range of plant and animal species, making the park an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts.
  • The park is home to several rare and threatened species, such as the ground parrot, the black-breasted button-quail, and the eastern curlew. Visitors have a unique opportunity to spot some of these elusive creatures in their natural habitat.
  • The area has a rich Aboriginal history, with the Kabi Kabi and Butchulla people being the traditional custodians of the land. Evidence of their presence, such as middens, can be found throughout the park.
  • The park’s coastal location provides opportunities for recreational activities such as fishing and boating. The Burrum River, which flows through the park, is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts to try their luck at catching a variety of fish species.
  • With over 150 bird species recorded in the park, Burrum Coast National Park is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Visitors can spot a wide range of birds, from waterbirds to birds of prey, and even migratory species that visit the park seasonally.
  • The park offers several walking tracks that cater to different fitness levels and interests. These tracks allow visitors to explore the diverse landscapes of the park and get up close to its unique flora and fauna.

Have you been to Burrum National Park’s other sections? If so, what was your experience?
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