Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast to Fuel Your Day

Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast - Add egg and make the omlet!

As the first light of morning gently nudges you awake, a new day of adventure calls. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or nestled in a quaint country campsite, starting the day with a camping skillet egg breakfast is a ritual that’s hard to beat.

Today, we’re not just whipping up any old breakfast; we’re creating a one-pan masterpiece—a rustic blend of golden potatoes, fragrant sausage, sweet cherry tomatoes, and perfectly cooked eggs.

It’s simple, it’s nourishing, and it’s a taste of home, wherever your journey may have led you.

This morning we set aside to explore the legendary Qantas Founders Museum, where the stories of Australia’s pioneering aviators come to life.

Here we have another adventure to embark on—a culinary one. Breakfast, after all, is the fuel for exploration, and today’s dish is as hearty as they come.

Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast – Ingredients

Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast – Simple Recipe


  • 1 can of whole potatoes
  • Fresh, lively cherry tomatoes, enough to bring a pop of colour to your plate
  • A small, aromatic sausage, promising a world of flavour
  • Eggs, as many as the morning sun has rays
  • Salt and pepper, to elevate and enhance
  • Fresh parsley or green onions, for a touch of greenery to garnish


  • Prep and Pep. Drain the can of potatoes and cut them into halves, exposing their fluffy insides. Slice your chosen sausage into thin, enticing discs, while imagining the crisp bite they’ll soon offer.
  • Sizzle and Crisp. In your trusty pan, let the potatoes and sausage slices dance over medium heat. Feel the warmth, not just from the stove, but from the scene you’re setting.
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast - Mix everything together
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast – Mix beans and potatoes together
  • A Tomato’s Warm Welcome. Once the potatoes develop a golden crust, like the first light in Longreach, and the sausages are singing with a fragrant sizzle, welcome the halved cherry tomatoes to the pan. Picture the bright reds and yellows waking up alongside you.
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast - Nice and crisp!
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast – Nice and crisp!
  • Eggs, the Morning Embrace. Crack your eggs into a bowl and beat them like you’re waking up the sun itself. Pour this golden future over your pan’s contents. Imagine the eggs tenderly wrapping around the potatoes, sausages, and tomatoes like a comforting morning hug.
  • Season to Perfection. Sprinkle with love, or rather, salt and pepper.
  • Garnish and Gratitude. Once your eggs are cooked to your desired doneness—silky and slightly runny or fully set and comforting—transfer your breakfast to a plate. Picture yourself garnishing with either fresh parsley or green onions, like the finishing touch on a perfect Outback morning.
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast - Add egg and make the omlet!
Camping Skillet Egg Breakfast – Add egg, mix and your breakfast is ready!

There you have it—your pre-museum feast, as bright and promising as the day ahead! Could there be a better start before delving into the rich history at the Qantas Museum or the famous Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame?

Indeed, you cannot ever go wrong with eggs! We have many different recipes with eggs to make things interesting when we go camping. Below are some of them:

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What’s your go-to meal before a day of exploring? Have you tried something similar on one of your adventures?

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Eat well and fly high!

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