Breakfast with the Dinosaurs – Awesome Muffin Delights on the Road to Eromanga

Muffin Delights

The smell of Muffin Delights breakfast sizzling on the cast-iron pan wafts through the air, mingling with the earthy scent of the wide, open Australian Outback that is just starting to wake up around us.

As the first hints of dawn paint the sky with a palette of oranges and purples, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement for the day ahead.

We were in Quilpie, a quaint and charming outback town that marks the beginning of our journey. Our ultimate destination? Eromanga Natural History Museum, where prehistoric giants are said to have roamed.

But before any grand adventure through time, we’ve got the most important task at hand: breakfast.

It’s a calm, surprisingly cool morning here in Quilpie, and we’re prepping our camper trailer for the day.

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With a fresh cup of campfire-brewed coffee in hand, I turn my attention to the star of this morning’s show: our trusty cast-iron pan. It’s more than just a cooking tool; it’s a beloved travel companion.

Today, it will help us create something delicious, easy, and perfect for life on the road: our signature camping breakfast muffins with chicken sticks, pan-fried eggs, and perfectly toasted muffins.

A Morning Like No Other

The Outback is serene at this hour, the iconic red earth still cool underfoot, and the gum trees gently rustling in the breeze. It’s moments like these, as we cook and prepare for the day’s adventures, that make travel so special for me. Quilpie may be a small town, but it’s brimming with the warm, welcoming spirit that Australia’s outback is known for.

Can you think of a better way to start a day of dinosaur exploring than with a hearty, homemade breakfast? I surely can’t.

On the Road, But First Muffin Delights

We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when you’re waking up in the soft dawn light of the Australian Outback, with a day full of dinosaur hunting ahead, it’s more than just a saying—it’s a commandment.

One memorable morning, after a night of stargazing, we learned this the hard way. We hit the road with nothing but a cup of coffee in our systems.

Let’s say, that trying to focus on driving through the rugged terrain of the Outback with your stomach acting as a relentless backseat driver is not the most pleasant of experiences. From that moment, we vowed: no more skipping the morning meal.

That’s where our Muffin Delights come in. They’re quick to whip up, irresistibly savoury, and perfect for a travelling morning.

Picture this: a warm, lightly toasted muffin, a succulent chicken stick fresh from the shop, and an egg fried to perfection in our trusty cast-iron pan. It’s a breakfast sandwich, but it’s so much more than that.

As we cooked these delights on our gas stove in the camper trailer kitchen, the inviting aroma of the chicken sticks sizzling in the pan wafted through the air.

The eggs, ever so slightly crispy on the edges but tender and runny in the centre, were the epitome of morning comfort food. And those muffins? Lightly crisped in the same pan, they soaked up all the beautiful flavours, forming the perfect base for our breakfast masterpiece.

Have you ever had a meal that’s made you feel more ready to face the day? Especially when that day involves tracking down some of Australia’s most impressive ancient giants?


  • 4 store-bought chicken sticks
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 English muffins
  • 2 tbsp butter (for pan-frying)
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)
  • Optional: Cheese slices, fresh herbs for garnish


  1. Warm the cast-iron pan over medium heat on the gas stove of your camper trailer kitchen.
  2. Add the butter and allow it to melt. Place chicken sticks in the pan, turning occasionally until golden and heated through.
  3. In the same pan, crack the eggs and fry them to your liking. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. While the eggs are cooking, halve the English muffins and warm them in the pan until they are slightly crispy and golden.
  5. Assemble your Muffin Delights: Place a chicken stick and a fried egg between the two halves of each muffin. Add cheese if desired. Serve hot and enjoy!
Muffin Delights
Step 2,3: Fry chicken sticks, crack the eggs and fry them to your liking

Cast Iron Love: The Camper’s Best Friend

Our cast-iron pan is more than cookware; it’s a member of our travel family. It has been with us through thick and thin, and we swear by its ability to make everything taste better.

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Tips for Campfire Cooking

  • Preheat the pan: A hot pan is key.
  • Keep it simple: Fewer ingredients, less hassle.
  • Safety first: Mind the flame and your surroundings.
Muffin Delights
Muffin Delights – Enjoy!


As we devoured our Muffin Delights, we felt ready for the day’s adventures ahead to Eromanga. Simple, filling, and made with love—they are a perfect start to any travel day.

Do you have your own version of a quick and satisfying meal to fuel your adventures? Or perhaps a memorable breakfast story from one of your journeys? We’re all ears!

And if you decide to give our Muffin Delights a try, we’re dying to know how they turn out for you. Did you stick to the script, or did you add your own twist? Maybe a sprinkle of local herbs or a dash of that sauce you picked up from a roadside stand?

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Because let’s face it, nothing bonds people quite like food and travel.

Bon appétit and happy trials!

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