Thermal Pot Stuffed Capsicum With Chicken – Slow-Cooked and Delicious

Thermal Pot Stuffed Capsicum With Chicken

Ever been camping and found yourself daydreaming about a meal more tantalising than a squashed sandwich?

Well, mates, let me share a recipe that’ll not just make your tastebuds dance but also make your campsite the talk of the town – my special Thermal Pot Stuffed Capsicum With Chicken, simmering away in a flavoursome tomato stew.

Why Stuffed Capsicum?

Imagine this: You’ve wrapped up a ripper of a bushwalk. Your legs are singing a tune of satisfaction and your belly’s growling louder and louder. It’s about time for a proper feed!

What if you could create a feast with simple ingredients and a thermal pot? Enter the stuffed capsicum!

This simple dish is packed with flavour, easy to cook and – the cherry on top – it’s a nutritional powerhouse!

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The Secrets in the Stuffing

Alright, ready to don your aprons (imaginary ones will do)?

First things first, gather your ingredients for the stuffing:

  • Minced chicken breast
  • A pinch of salt and pepper
  • A dash of curry powder for that unexpected kick
  • Cooked rice (leftovers work a charm)
  • Onion (the unsung hero of any great dish)
  • A sprinkle of dry red smoked paprika (our superstar)
  • salt and pepper

Now, it’s time to flex those muscles and mix them.

Stuffed Capsicum – Mix all ingredients

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Cut the top off the capsicums, creating a wider opening. If your capsicums are longer in shape, cut them lengthwise. Just remember to get rid of all the seeds inside.

Stuff the capsicum with prepared mince. If it’s a little bit more stuffing than expected – no worries, I always top it up!

Chicken Stuffed Capsicum - Made wide opening add the mince
Chicken Stuffed Capsicum – Made wide opening add the mince

Cooking up the Stew

Now let’s stew things up. For this, you’ll need:

  • Chicken stock (just enough to cover the capsicums)
  • A sprinkle of dry oregano (adding a bit of Mediterranean flair)
  • A can of crushed tomatoes (the tartness cuts through beautifully)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Sealing the Deal

But wait! Before you bung the stuffed capsicums into the stew, here’s a secret I’ve learned from my many culinary adventures: a bit of a pan-sear on your stuffed capsicums does wonders.

Chicken Stuffed Capsicum - Heat up on the frying pan
Chicken Stuffed Capsicum – Heat up on the frying pan

Heat a bit of olive oil, and lightly fry your stuffed capsicum to create a delicious crust on the meat. This keeps the stuffing from running away and makes the capsicums release more flavour into the stew later on.

Now, tuck your pan-seared stuffed capsicums into your thermal pot (or sear it in the pot as I do) with the stew ingredients, and let the slow cooking do its magic.

Thermal pots are just perfect for this job, they save on fuel and let you have your fun while dinner sorts itself out. Close the lid and heat your stew.

Let the Magic Happen

With your pot simmering away, the tantalising aroma of cooking capsicum wafting through the campsite is sure to make you the centre of attention.

10 minutes from the baubles popping up should be enough for the heat to get through the capsicum. Now it’s time to move the pot into its thermal cover (don’t open the lid, otherwise temperature will drop immediately).

The wait may test your patience, but the reward is a bowlful of succulent, stuffed capsicum in a mouthwatering stew.

Thermal Pot - Leave your meal to cook for 1-2 hours
Thermal Pot – Leave your meal to cook for 1-2 hours

Savouring the Reward

Leave it to ‘cook’ for 1-2 hours (can be longer). But when you finally lift the lid and the stuffed capsicums, tender and infused with flavours, greet your eyes… and nose.

Thermal Pot - Ready to eat!
Thermal Pot – Ready to eat!

Wrapping It Up

As you tuck into the tender capsicum, with its stuffing rich and hearty, and the stew warmly comforting, you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I try this before?” But, wait, there’s a little something that makes this whole experience even more delectable.

Picture this: a slice of fresh sourdough bread, a slather of butter melting into its porous surface, ready to mop up the last bits of that tangy tomato sauce from your bowl. Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, mates, that’s the beauty of camping – it’s not just about the thrill of exploring new trails, it’s also about the joy of discovering delightful flavours around a warm campfire.

So there you have it, my special recipe for a memorable campsite feast. Now it is your turn. Grab your thermal pot and try it yourself.

Can’t wait to hear how your adventure with stuffed capsicum turns out!

Remember, the best part about cooking is the creativity (we often replace capsicum with chilly), and the shared satisfaction of a meal well-cooked. Now, who’s ready for a second helping?

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